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​Gary Morgan, Principle
Mr. Morgan brings over 35 Years of construction experience covering various regions of the United States. He has extensive experience in all phases of

the construction process including organization and planning, business processes, project and subcontract management and marketing and business development. Mr. Morgan specifically brings a wealth of knowledge of pre-construction services to the company ranging from conceptual planning and development processes, high level budgeting and focused estimating services.

Having begun his career in design prior to going to work in the subcontracting field and eventually general construction and development, enables Mr. Morgan to see projects and issues from all different sides of the teams involved and to deliver quick solutions that benefit the complete project team and provide solutions for our clients, timely and cost effectively.

Mr. Morgan’s roles at LnG Builders includes being involved in all projects from their inception at Bid including estimating, Pre-construction activities, coordination of teams during design build projects as well as general and strategic planning for the company.